Established in 2007, Yapro is a leading exporter of fresh produce from Israel, working with a group of over 20 Israeli farmers, each one specialized in its own area.

We are recognised for our professional and reliable service and supply customers across Europe with a tailor made product and service.

Honest and open communication is key, combined with consistently high quality.

All Yapro produce is GlobalGap certified and is offered with complete traceability.

Never one to stand still, Yapro are working closely with the breeders on the innovation of new varieties across all products with our final clients needs and requirements in mind.



Each variety has its own unique taste and cooking properties.

Firm-cooking – perfect for boiling and roasting, salad potatoes hold their shape after cooking, varieties include Annabelle, Charlotte, Maris Peer.

Semi-firm cooking – all-purpose cooking potatoes, perfectly suited for boiled, mashed and roast dishes, varieties include Vivaldi, Marabel.

Floury cooking – also known as mealy cooking or C-type potatoes, varieties include Maris Piper, Gunda.

We also work closely with European breeders on seeds import and testing new varieties in Israel every year for export to dedicated markets.

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Georgia Jet is our main variety due to its unique sweet flavor, orange flesh and attractive pink skin. It Is popular due to its nutritional benefits and high vitamin content.

Packaging – 6 / 14 / 18 / 500 kg Cartons.

Availability – September to January.

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Yapro is working with the finest carrot growers and packers to ensure a high quality product suited to each client’s packaging requirements.

Both conventional and organic products available from March to July.

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Passion fruit is leading our exotics range.

The unique Passion Dream variety is a mix of the yellow and the purple fruits to create a sweet and sour taste with attractive purple color.

Pitaya, Prickly Pears, Papaya and more are available seasonally.

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